Lead Teacher


Athens Community School will be experiencing many changes this school year.  The biggest change is that we are creating our very own Teacher Led School Model.  

We are only the second school in the state of Maine to attempt this school model.  Rather than a single principal position 3 Lead Teachers are sharing the principal duties.  

First and foremost we are all still teachers with additional principal duties attached to each of us.  Don’t ever hesitate to speak to any one of us regarding whatever issue or concern that you might have.  

We will make mistakes along the way but we promise that we will try to do our very best to make our staff and our school the very best that it can be for the Athens community.

Thank your for your support.

Lead Teachers:

Eddie Ellis

Bev Foss

Marian Spalding/ Sandy Perkins

School Board

School Board Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month at 6 PM

School Board Members:

AOS 94 Superintendent: